Pequeñas Bandas Playlist. Vol. 2

Little Bands That Matter Vol. 2

Editada para The Best Song App. Incluye: The Snakebites, Oxen, John Alcabean, Eagulls, October Drift, Weaves, BRVS (Braves), Julia Jacklin, RoseAnn Fino, Lake Jons, Sego, Prism Tats, The Humble Grapes, Woodes, Evripidis and His Tragedies, Anaut, At The Mall, Bleached, Ded Rabbit, Catholic Action, Wesley Fuller, Honduras, The Subways, Yung, Big Wave Riders, Twin River, A Festival, A Parade, AQUILO, Gypsy & The Cat, Girl Ray.

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Pequeñas Bandas Playlist

Little Bands That Matter Playlist

Editada para The Best Song App. Incluye: Gang Of Youths, Hound., Public Access T.V., The Coathangers, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, George Cosby, White Bats, Shylde, mAsis, Salt Cathedral, Alma Elste, Claudia Kane, DMA’s, Andy Shauf, Hawai, Wyldest, Island, Satchmode, Caveman, Echotape, Memory Flowers, Ivy Nations, Viola Beach, Thyla, Holy Esque, I Don’t Speak French, Red House Glory, The James Hunter Six, Hidden Charms.

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Nuevas Bandas Playlist 10

New Bands Playlists 10

Nuevas Bandas Playlist 10. Incluyendo: Front Porch Lights, Soda Shop, Verge Collection, Dan Avery, Knightingale, The Humble Grapes, The King Mooses, Freddy Fudd Pucker, Tiny Little Houses, FreeThinker, Anielle Reid, Rose Ann Fino, The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse, FAERS, No Kill, TRASH, Honey Bones, Pleasure House, Diskopunk, Hemmit, Pax Bellum, Saint Apache, Bambara…

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Nuevas Bandas Playlist 9

New Bands Playlist 9

Nuevas Bandas Playlist 9. Incluyendo: Star Benders, TRASH, Phantom Party, Kissing Party, Tiny Little Houses, Baby Elvis, Desert’s Mind, Mittenfields, French Cassettes, ST. NIKLAS, Deeper Upper, Where Fires Are, The Raunchies, Apes For A Week, DIV I DED, The New Thieves, Alsatian Cousins, The Stillwalkers, TheLukewarm, The Longwalls, Vederkast, Mamma Bear, swalcott, Celestine, The Ghoul Goes West…

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Nuevas Bandas Playlist 6

New Bands Playlist 6

Nuevas Bandas Playlist 6. Incluyendo: Hospital, Yorkshire Rats, The Luke Austin Band, Young Creatures, The Moving Pictures, Tiny Little Houses, Teribal Anamal, Kori, Moonlands, Paul Cook & The Chronicles, Eckhardt And The House, Rivers, Daisy Jean Russell, Kay Proudlove, Bye Mandu, Reburn, Big Friendlies, Ice Tester, Paper Pilots, Glacier Pacific, Audio Revival, 12gafs, Feral Conservatives, Alive Way, Anna Kuzniak.

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