¡Por fin Juernes! (4) – Fuzz, Catfish &The Bottlemen…

Fuzz - Raise

¡Por fin Juernes! (4) con: Fuzz, Pink Mountaintops, Gardens & Villa, Waylayers, Streets of Laredo, My Empire Of Sound, Catfish And The Bottlemen, New Desert Blues, Russian Red, Boogarins.

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Nuevas Bandas Playlist 3

New Bands Playlist 3

Nuevas Bandas Playlist 3. Incluyendo: Dios Mio, French Cassettes, The Secret Sea, Mercury Toys, ETCHES, Trisha Lurie, Fairy Bones, The Major Pins, Heavy Pretting Zoo, The Modern Age, Jay Woodward, Moke Hill, Great Hare, LOVATS, CAMP STAG, Violet Hours, Theatre Royal, Eleanor Dunlop, Shrines, Pink Mexico, Mixalydia, I don’t Speak French, Braves, Matt Sedivy, Cowboy.

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¡Por fin Juernes! (2) – Guards, Capital Inicial…

Papercuts - Life Among The Savages

¡Por fin Juernes! (2) con: Veyu, Dark Patrick, The Zoo City Lads, Andrew St. James, Guards, Papercuts, I Know Leopard, Blackbird and The Storm, Muñeco, Capital Inicial.

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Rebjukebox Playlist 12

Rebjukebox Playlist

Incluye: The New Royales, Crushed Stars, The Hidden Cameras, Haunted Hauses, Milagres, Bombay Bicycle Club, Broken Bells, Pinkunoizu, Secret Colours, Dead Rabbits, Simone Felice, Ann, Jubilee Courts, Tiger Waves, Kurt von Stetten, Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht & Ariel Pink), Violet Skies, Abbey Bowden, Band Of Horses, Sleeper Agent.

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Nuevas Bandas Playlist 2

New Bands Playlist 2

Nuevas Bandas Playlist 2. Incluyendo: Jake Downs, Honey Bones, Trevor & The Joneses, Marionettes, The City & Horses, Dwight Howard Johnson, Bihari Beach, OJR, Love Letters, Stone Giant, Graveyard Love, Kobadelta, Invisible Days, Pollen, Steel Phantoms, Mitchell Perera, Lectures, Kids on the Run, Northern Hustle, Jenny Broke The Window, Waiting For Go, Stockholm, The Riviera.

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