Evripidis and his Tragedies – Bedrooms

Evripidis publica el vídeo de una de las mejores canciones de este año, “Bedrooms”. Incluida en su último álbum, “Futile Games In Space And Time”, la canción cuenta la historia de un extraño día en el que de repente una amiga requiere su atención.

Escuchar “Futile Games In Space And Time” es como leer un libro lleno de historias y sentimientos. No se ttrata de un trabajo convencional, sin embargo es un álbum brillante y lo mejor que he escuchado este año.

El álbum fue grabado entre Barcelona, Nueva York, y Atenas, mezclado por Charles Newman en Cottage Studios (Brooklyn), y masterizado por Philip Granqvist. Este álbum se ha publicado el 14 de marzo de  2016 vía Snap! Clap! + Canada Editorial + Inner Ear + Jigsaw.

La canción cuenta con la colaboración de Marisol Simó. Vídeo de Nicholas Prakas.


A single ray of light
Creeps into the bedroom
It is far too late
Even by my standards
I refuse to open the shuts
And face the day
And I don´t care if the world
Has moved from it´s axis today
I have a long-distance call
From a heartbroken friend
Sounds familiar?
She´s spent the whole night crying
I do my best to cheer her up
Then I fall asleep again, I dream of you
Naked in my arms, It´s pure bliss
The phone rings again oh shit
Tt´s you, this joke is sick
Now I´m a bag of nerves

The part of my bed you used to occupy
Has turned into a no-man´s land
A parking lot for fags, books, magazines
And lonely dreams

Soon it will be dark
And I´ll feel brave enough to go outside
And join that other kind of people
Those who don´t live in their bedrooms
We all feel better after dusk
It´s easy to hide our fears
Ain´t o failures nor upsets
That can´t get drowned in a couple of beers
And for a while we are strong!

The part of my bed you used to occupy (used to occupy)
Has turned into a cheap motel room (just a motel room)
Random lovers spend the night
But breakfast isn´t included

There is nothing I´d wish more
Than sharing bedrooms again
To fall asleep while wrapping my arms
Around your slender frame
Wish I could get some sleep again

It ´already six a.m
Another slow day is dawning
This is not gonna last, I tell myself
Soon I´ll reach the bottom
And then the only way is up
I won´t be a train wreck any more
And from some kind of heaven
I´ll look down upon my bedroom days
My nights in the bars and you and I´ll laugh

But ´till then I can´t help from hiding (I can´t help from hiding)
Procrastinating endlessly (endlessly)
From staring at the walls of my bedroom

(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)

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