Nuevas Bandas Playlist 5

Los grupos incluídos en esta playlist han sido seleccionados a través de la música que recibimos. Envíanos tu música


  1. YAWNS – I Want To Go Where Nobody Knows My Name (Antwerp, Belgium)
  2. Filter Free Rodeo — Can You Feed My Hand? (Milwaukee, USA)
  3. Cochise – Choices (France)
  4. Trevor and The Joneses — It’s Getting Early (Las Vegas, USA)
  5. John Citizen Band — The Red Sea (Melbourne, Australia)
  6. Paper Days — Playground Dreams (Carlsbad, USA)
  7. The Shy Lips — She Was Born in Bahia (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  8. Freeweights — Your Design (Helsinki, Finland)
  9. The Beth Edges — Pure Dynamite (Vienna, Austria)
  10. NIHILS — Lovers On The Run (Austria)
  11. Avindale — Azure (El Paso, USA)
  12. Lovisa Olsson  — Love Of Mine (Uppsala, Sweden)
  13. Forever Forrest — Against The Grain (feat. Rachel Swanepoel). (Pretoria, South Africa)
  14. Drover Shy — We Go On (Los Angeles, USA)
  15. Call Me Lust — Lucky To Forget (Thunder Bay, Canada)
  16. Wonder — Hearbeat (Seattle, USA)
  17. AViVAA — XX (Sydney, Australia)
  18. LOVATS — LOVATS – White Fire (Birmingham, UK)
  19. Nolita View — Fall In (London, UK)
  20. Japanther – Do It (Don’t Try).  (Brooklyn, USA)
  21. Frisky Kids — Enchanté (Won’t You Come Around). (Montreal, Canada)
  22. Trisha Lurie — Dead Beat (Santa Monica, USA)
  23. Malibu Goons — In Plain Sight (Windsor, Canada)
  24. Truth About Vegas Band — It Really Hurts (London, UK)
  25. Balue- Charming Flow (New Mexico, USA)
  26. Rasputin’s Secret Police- Kids With No Friends (Drexel Hill, USA)
  27. Exiles — Circular Key (New York, USA)
  28. SHOULD – Down A Notch (Austin, USA)
  29. Dowsers — Native Bomb (Orléans, France)
  30. r.a. kane — Harbingers Of Love (North London, UK)