Cookies Policy

Jungle Indie Rock is owned by Mar de Miguel Bonet, who also manages this website and is responsible for the data that is recorded when you visit us at or any of its subdomains. In compliance with article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce of Spain, please read carefully our Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, and the Cookies Policy below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small computer files that are stored in a user’s web browser when an online site is visited. These files facilitate the loading of the pages more efficiently and also allow the analysis and customization from a functional or commercial point of view, to make the user experience better. Cookies recognize if someone has visited the site before and shows or does not show certain content. It also collects information about the browsing habits of visitors to a website.

Types of cookies

Based on its origin:

Own cookies: These are the cookies that are executed from this website and stored on our site.
Third-party cookies: Generated by third-party applications, which offer a service embedded in our website.

Regarding the time that they get storaged:

Session Cookies: Collect data while the user is browsing the web page. They expire when you close the browser.
Persistent cookies: The data is stored for a period of time in your browser. They can be deleted manually.

Regarding the function:

Technical cookies: They control the traffic and data communication. From this type is the geolocation cookies, which identify the country in which a user is located to know what content to offer. Other times, this information does not depend on the country you are in, but on how you have configured your browser.
Personalization cookies: They collect the user’s browsing preferences (language, browser type, volume, etc.). Jungle Indie Rock does not use geolocation cookies but personalization cookies to know if you are going to read the website in Spanish or English and adjust the language automatically.
Registration cookies: For users to register on a website and then identify themselves to log in.
Analysis cookies: They store the user behavior data to create a profile about the type of visitor.
Advertising cookies: They keep data about the commercial offers that will be seen during the navigation.

What cookies do we use?

Own cookies: For the correct use of this website we have installed a cookie generator that will identify the language of your browser to know if you are going to read the website in Spanish or in English and adjust the language automatically. You can change this value manually in the top menu of the web, where you will find two flags. If you access this menu from your phone, you will see a star and then the two flags.

Third-party cookies: These are the third-party services that we use and that could install cookies in your browser:

WordPress, Jimdo, Tumblr, Yahoo, Gmail, Mailchimp, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gravatar, Disqus, Akismet, Cloudflare, Yoast, Lingotek, Freehostedscripts, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, StatCounter, Mixmap and Paypal.

To learn more about their cookies visit the privacy policy of these sites.

How to delet cookies

If you want to surf the internet without cookies, opt for an invisible or secure browsing tab in your browser. In any case, cookies only establish an anonymous user pattern, which does not detect or recognize any of your personal data.

If you have cookies stored in your web browser and you want to delete them, follow the instructions of the browser that you have installed:

• Chrome: Delete, enable and manage cookies in Chrome
• Firefox: Enable and disable cookies
• Explorer: Delete and manage cookies
• Opera: Clear cache and cookies
• Safari: Manage cookies and website data

Remember that if you delete cookies you will also delete the acceptance of them, so in your next visit you will be asked to do this again.


Updated 22/March/2020