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Swiss band Flamingos released their debut EP Poste Rock earlier this year, a classic rock work with five tracks that captivate you with their authenticity.

“We recorded the EP in two days at Rob’s Spaceland in Geneva, the EP captures the sound of the band being born, deep underground in the city,” Flamingos tells Jungle Indie Rock.

Flamingos formed in Geneva in 2023 with Rowan Palmer (guitar, vocals), James Greenway (drums), and bassist JJ Blanche, later replaced by Sam Petragallo and other musicians who join them at their concerts.

Their first EP, Poste Rock, opens with Say Diamond, a song that starts with the dry sound of Greenway on percussion and some bass chords opening the melody to Palmer’s seductive vocals and guitar. The music gets shaped little by little. As it progresses, the group shows its cards, a well-armed rock with fine tones of psychedelia—a real delicatessen.

It is followed by I’ll Take The River, an even more polished song that makes you fully understand the band’s sound, which can also surprise you with pop rhythms and colorful notes, as they do in Everything’s Pink.

“Of all the songs, we’re probably the most excited about Everything’s Pink, which is basically our theme song, written right after our first jam and fueled by the high of the new band taking shape,” they say.

Flamingos is the group we all would like to form and enjoy life through music from one concert to another. The difference is that they have made that dream come true and accompany their project with very good songs, the ingredients they use to get on stage. Because what moves Flamingos is playing. The band was formed by playing and they enjoy doing it.

That is also the flavor they leave in songs like Tokyo Nights and Downtrodden, two tracks reflecting their live style while showing the influences that make up the band.

“The five songs on the EP were written at different periods of my life, from late nights riding the rails in Japan, to lonely moments living far from friends and family, to daydreams of disappearing and leaving it all behind,” Palmer explains. The musician has composed all the songs on the disc.

“I’d been band-less and stockpiling songs for years, until JJ (bass player) and I got together to jam and he coaxed me into performing them for him. He loved them, so we got together with our friend James, and the tunes exploded to life. We knew we had to get them down for posterity, so we recruited our pal Andy on guitar and keys, headed to our other pal Rob’s studio, and the EP was done,” Palmer explains.

Poste Rock is recorded and mixed by Rob Green (Rob’s Spaceland Studio) and mastered by Andrew Spindor (Railtown Mastering, Canada). Flamingos is part of our Jungle Bands, 2024 project.

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