Jungle Playlist February 2024

Jungle Playlist February 2024

The new Jungle Playlist for February 2024 is here, featuring 30 international bands and artists from nine different countries, such as the USA, UK, Australia, France, and Spain. Scotland is remarked separately in our collections to track the special sound of these bands. Music has no frontiers!

Enjoy the selection curated by David the barn owl (head of the list and the covert art), Dao, Mar, and Reb. Illustration generated by Mar using AI and Photoshop.

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  1. Ride – Last Frontier (UK; David)
  2. French Police – Jetta Negro (USA; Reb)
  3. Beícoli – Trust Them (Spain; Mar)
  4. IDLES – Grace (UK; David)
  5. FLUKES – blaues licht (Germany, Dao)
  6. Anna Vaverková – Ulalala (Czech Republic/Germany; Dao)
  7. Warpaint – Common Blue (USA; David)
  8. Flora Summers – Rather Kill My Feelings (Sweden; Reb)
  9. Madi Diaz – Don’t Do Me Good (feat. Kacey Musgraves) (USA; Mar)
  10. Bill Ryder-Jones – This Can’t Go On (UK; Mar)
  11. The Libertines – Shiver (UK; David)
  12. The Odds – Trop Pour Moi (France; Dao)
  13. Dead Poet Society – My Condition (USA; Reb)
  14. The Cheap Thrills – Last Orders (UK; Mar)
  15. FUZETA – Venetian (France; Dao)
  16. Slow Fiction – Apollo (USA; Reb)
  17. massie99 – Anika (USA; Reb)
  18. Paramore – Burning Down The House (Talking Heads Cover) (USA; Reb)
  19. The Katuns – Addicted To The Internet (Scotland; Dao)
  20. The Sweet Kill – Forbidden (USA; Submissions)
  21. Charm of Finches – Clean Cut (Australia; Mar)
  22. The Decemberists – Burial Ground (USA; David)
  23. Fansandro – London Plane (UK; Submissions)
  24. Cory Hanson – Western Cum (USA; Mar)
  25. Deux Visages – February (USA; Dao)
  26. MGMT – Nothing To Declare (USA; David)
  27. Helado Negro – I Just Want To Wake Up With You (USA; David)
  28. Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost (Live Acoustic) (USA; Mar)
  29. Drahla – Default Parody (UK; Dao)
  30. Anja Huwe – Rabenschwarz (Germany; Reb)