The Sweet Kill – Forbidden

The Sweet Kill - forbidden

Los Angeles-based post-punk multi-instrumentalist and baritone Pete Mills (The Sweet Kill) released the video for Forbidden. Although this is not a new song, the single was officially published on January 4, 2024 via Young & Cold Records (in Germany) and Shadow Zone Records (in USA). The track will be included in his second album Nowhere.

“Temptation motivates one to swim the deepest oceans to sooth unspeakable loneliness. To fix with the most powerful emotion, to experience the darkest union in secret, hidden in the shadows of this world. A private affair for only those that dare to live outside what the world deems the norm,” Mills says.

Forbidden was written by Pete Mills, Donal Finn, and Danielle Parente. Finn, who sadly passed away last year, and Mills were also known by their previous band Flash Bastard, formed in Vancouver when they were in high school.

Ellen Hawk featured and directed the video. Hawk is also the author behind The Sweet Kill photographs.


Moonlight through my window
The world around us sleeps
Lamp lights the darkness
From the shadows that we keep

I know your waiting
In the twilight until dawn
I know you’re craving
We were outcasts all along

Maybe we were wrong to do it
Or just sick for what we need

Forbidden Forbidden Forbidden
Forbidden Forbidden
We fall into the waves of paradise
Exiled for life
Forbidden Forbidden
Forbidden Forbidden

Secrets, cut like scissors
Through the truth, down below
Poisonous whispers
How much do they know?


Every night the sun sets slowly
My darkened heart so controls me
Beneath the silver moon I can’t wait to taste you
I’m sucked into the black hole of your arms

Forbidden Forbidden
Forbidden Forbidden

Fall into waves of paradise
Exiled for life
Forbidden Forbidden
Forbidden Forbidden
Couldn’t keep myself away although I tried
Burned by your fire
Forbidden Forbidden
Forbidden Forbidden

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