Jungle Playlist January 2024

Jungle Playlist January 2024

The Jungle team is back in January 2024 with a new playlist featuring 25 international bands and artists. Trying to bring a variety of styles, this playlist includes songs from 10 different countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or Spain. Scotland is remarked separately in our collections to track the special sound of these bands. Music has no frontiers!

Enjoy the selection curated by Dao the polar bear (head of the list and the covert art), David, Mar, and Reb. Illustration generated by Mar using AI and Photoshop.

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  1. POM – Exoskeleton (The Netherlands; Dao)
  2. CRAWLERS – Kills Me To Be Kind (UK; Reb)
  3. Future Islands – The Tower (USA; David)
  4. Autogramm – Born Losers (Canada; Submissions)
  5. Sarah Jarosz – When The Lights Go Out (USA; Mar)
  6. Obscura Hail – Long Play (Australia; Reb)
  7. Attic Ocean – Fall (Germany; Dao)
  8. The Smile – Bending Hectic (UK; David)
  9. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Chemical Animal (Scotland; Reb)
  10. Massimo Silverio – Jevâ (Italy; Mar)
  11. NewDad – White Ribbons (Ireland; Reb)
  12. Softcult – Haunt You Still (Canada; Dao)
  13. The Clause – Pop Culture (UK; Dao)
  14. L’objectif – Puppy (UK; Reb)
  15. The Vaccines – Love To Walk Away (UK; David)
  16. The Rural Alberta Advantage – CANDU (Canada; Mar)
  17. Wilderado – In Between (feat. Matt Berninger) (USA; Mar)
  18. Nicholas Graham Hall – Voice in My Head (USA; Dao)
  19. Elephant Stone – History Repeating (Canada; Reb)
  20. Wild Nothing – Basement El Dorado (USA; Mar)
  21. Toledo – Lindo Lido (USA; Dao)
  22. Juppe – Andy, I Have Your Lighter (Finland; Mar)
  23. Kula Shaker – Natural Magick (UK; David)
  24. MOURN – Could Be Friends (Spain; David)
  25. Bigott – Painting Colors (Spain; David)

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