Paper Boats – Rendezvous (Lime Tree Sessions)

Paper Boats

Paper Boats performed at Lime Tree Sessions their single Rendezvous in October 2023. This is (was, but I hope to see them back) a very talented five-piece indie rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England (UK).

Rendezvous is a song inspired by Whitley Bay that talks about how social media changed young people’s lives, not always for good. Last year, the group published three singles that came after their self-released 2021 debut EP. However, they have decided to stop their music project.

Band members included mates Charlie McLelland (vocals), Dexter Fischer (guitar), Jack Scorer (keys), Nathan Payne (bass), and Ben Mitchell (drums).

Watch Paper Boats playing the acoustic version of Rendezvous, listen to the studio single on Spotify, and wish them a safe trip back into music. These guys know to write songs with a fresh and epic style not seen too often. As in Back To The Future, hopefully we won’t see their photo blurry for too long.

There’s a devious scheme that we’re a part ofOh it’s you and me and everyone we seeIs it a statement of intent for our retentionThat there’s no way back to guarantee the rendezvous’s approachable by feetI guess it’s meI force away the fascination beast with all the mightOf an army roaming country lines stampeding through the nightI’ve learned to hate the captivating overlords behindBut addiction grabs you by your side, you’re vulnerable you’ve lost your guiding lightOhh oh ohhhhThey make you gamble all your timeFor small release of toxins in your mindThat’s how they get youOhh oh ohhhhThat’s how they get youOh oh ohhhThat’s how they get youJust maybeYou could beOh you could be the rendezvousYou could be the rendezvousYeah you could be the rendezvousYeah you could be the rendezvousThe rendezvousThe rendezvousThere are pictures of our town and all the smiles and all the joyIn a coffee shop next toThe rendezvous
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