Solar Flare album by Shell Beach

Solar Flare album by Shell Beach

Stream the latest album ‘Solar Flare’ by the Hungarian post-hardcore band Shell Beach. The record was released on February 17, 2023, via Wild Thing Records.

Shell Beach started as a group in Budapest in 2007. The band is now formed by members from other formations, like vocalist Zoltán Bodóczy, and guitarist Paul Somló who founded Shell Beach. The current lineup also includes Viktor Sági (guitar), Mátyás Mohácsi
(bass), and Dániel Szalay (drums).

To date, they have four releases: Acronycal, 2009; This Is Desolation (Redfield Records, 2013); Changes x Restless x Faithless EP (Redfield Records, 2016); and Solar Flare (Wild Thing Records, 2023).

Solar Flare was recorded at LA Garden Studios in the forests of southern Hungary, and it was written during Covid lockdowns. Certainly, for their last song in the album, the band included a little gift.

“Olyan Szépek Voltunk is a very beautiful song from my father, which was a big hit in the 90s and is still a very well-known song here in Hungary. I remember when I was around 24-25 and always played on my father’s guitar at his place for hours when I was staying there, and once I played the chords of ‘Be Quiet And Drive’ by Deftones, and turned out if I sing my dad’s song on top of it, it would almost fit as a mashup,” guitarist Paul Somló said.

So I decided to do an acoustic cover of this song, and for many years it was in my mind to somehow turn it into a rock band version. After my father passed away, and I started to write this record, It was a must for me to finally make this cover, and this is the only song that I sing entirely. I dedicate this song to my dad and his immortal legacy,” he explained.

  1. Dismembering Games
  2. Absolution
  3. Hero
  4. Love Craft – House of Death
  5. Interlude
  6. Feeble Glory
  7. Miracle Misdemeanor
  8. Black Hole’s My Horizon
  9. Hydra
  10. My Devil and More
  11. Agitation Divine
  12. Olyan Szépek Voltunk