Something Broke Inside, the new single by tAngerinecAt

2021tAngerinecAt by Julia Moore

London based duo tAngerinecAt released their new single Something Broke Inside on February 5th, 2021. This new work comes after their last album Many Kettles, a successful record in which Ukrainian Eugene Purpurovsky and British Paul Chilton have established the most dramatic fusion of our times between folk and electronics.

From the hand of Eugene, the band’s heartbreaking lyrics address the darkness of the human being that mistreats his fellow men through war, persecution or abuse. It is the bitter face of a post-Soviet awakening that has generated thousands of displaced people threatened by inequalities and poverty. With his synthetic sounds, Paul brings the distant air of marginalization that accompanies suffering.

In this fantastic new single, tAngerinecAt travels to our most ancient roots, as a descent to the sounds of the cave, to the anthropology of music. These are the entrails of the pain contained in night dreams.

“Something Broke Inside narrates waking from a nightmare, coughing blood laced with shards of broken glass – the psychological aftermath of contaminated intimate relationships, angst, and isolation, describes tAngerinecAt”.

In a conversation with the group, Paul Chilton explains that this bad dream “is connected to Eugene’s experience as a migrant in UK. The track began by us setting up a mic and breaking a bottle. We constructed a rhythm and effects from this sample. Then Eugene wrote lyrics, vocal line and the hurdy-gurdy solo that express the intensity of emotions.” Ukrainian bagpipes, harmonica, a synth bass line and a gothic hardcore drum beat frames the song with an Artwork by Hagra. Stream it here:

tAngerincAt - Something Broke Inside single

tAngerinecAt – Something Broke Inside Lyrics

Awoken in fear
By my silent scream.
I dreamt of spitting shards with blood.
Did something break inside?
What was that?

Something inside,
Made of glass,
Something fragile,
The body didn’t hurt.
But inside all torn
And screaming: “What was that?”

Have you ever heaved up blood,
Shattered like glass,
Shouted silently?
What was that?

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