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A window overlooking a city. Reaching it is prohibited these days. But if Neuman ‘s music has something is that feeling of evasion that produces listening to it. It is the best gift that one of the best artists of the Spanish independent music could have given us.

The City of Love is, figuratively speaking, as the space in which you live, your house, your city, your country or the land in which we are,” explains Paco Román , founder of the band. “It is my personal call to put the shadows aside and look into the light. Try to reach it.”

This is the first single that advances his next album. It was released on March 13 through the Madrid label Subterfuge Records. For the release of the sixth album, we will have the fall. And we advance that it will be a great success, because his work never disappoints.

Neuman is an indie rock / post-rock band founded in Murcia (Spain) in 1999 and based in Granada. Over the years they had gone through different formations, keeping its essence in Paco Román (composser, voice and guitar). Paco is currently accompanied by Dani Molina (Piano, bass) and  Jose Sánchez (drums). The group was one of our Jungle Bands in 2011, a project that this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. We will celebrate it enjoying its music and a new edition.

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