Nabius – Departure

Worldwide Premiere

Nabius - Departure

This is a new experience. Have you ever wondered how the first notes of a newborn group sound, their first chords never heard? Departure advances the exit of a band that wakes up for the first time. They open its eyes to a sound landscape that shows itself little by little, layer by layer. This is Nabius a post-rock quartet that today premieres its first song and its first video. Its essence is in the contrast between light and melancholy, the emergence of life as an escape from nothingness.

Nabius (Bilberry, the European blueberry in their Catalan language) was formed in Barcelona in January 2019. Its members are guitarist Dave Martin (9m Lied), guitarist Raúl Mónico (Decadencia), bassist Raúl Digón and drummer Xoán Martín, both members of Muñeco, an earlier project that has shared the stage with the Scottish group Mogwai. “Everything goes back to the beginning of 2019. We finished our previous project, but we wanted to continue making music. Mónico and Dave appeared, who also finished their projects recently and we adapted to each other right away. We are very lucky,” says Raúl Digón.

Their influences are clear: Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, “the greats of post-rock,” they remark. “We wanted to include in our songs string sections and piano arrangements. We are not satisfied with something standard. We try to bring some light to post-rock. A bright post-rock”.

Listen and watch the video for the Departure of the newborn band Nabius.

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