Rutger Hauer singer-songwriter (1979)

Better known by his work as an actor, in 1979 Rutger Hauer released a 7″ single with the singer-songwriter Dieuke de Vries. It included the songs: Peter Stutvoet and Catje. This is the reason:

In 1979, the cabinet of Van Agt-Wiegel (the executive branch of the Dutch government) made big cuts in medical care, closing hospital rooms and leaving empty beds. The Groningen University Hospital turned away patients and neglected the department for cancer patients. In it was the 17-year-old Peter Stutvoet, who although he suffered from leukemia, they decided to discharge him.

This is how the VIB (Prevent is Better) association was founded, which gathered more than a million signatures with the death of Peter Stutvoet. Hauer’s charity album, in tribute to Peter Stutvoet and Frisian Catrinus (Catje) Spronk (another victim) raised funds for the VIB association, for which Hauer was a spokesperson.


Rutger Hauer singer-songwriter with Dick Bakker and Dieuke de Vries, 7″ single (1979).

Side A. Peter Stutvoet (R. Hauer/Dick Bakker)
Side B. Catje (R. Hauer/Dieuke de Vries)

R.I.P., Rutger Hauer.

Rutger Hauer & Dick Bakker - Peter Stutvoet - Catje