Fontaines D.C. International Tour

Fontaines D. C. band

Fontaines D.C. will be touring Europe, United States and Canada during this summer and the fall.

The band: Fontaines D.C. is a band from Dublín, Ireland, founded in 2018 by Grian Chatten, Conor Deegan III, Carlos O’Connell, Conor Curley, and Tom Coll.

The sound: Post-punk style with a solid indie rock base and some garage touch.

The clue: They are somewhat raw, hard and in the line of bands like Parquet Courts. But, despite having just one album published, their live is perfectly executed. They were the most commented group on its way through the famous American festival SXSW. It’s a must see.

Discography: Drogel LP (Partisan Records, 2019), with the singles: Liberty Belle, Hurricane Laughter / Winter In the Sun, Chequeless Reckless / Boys In, The Better Land, Too Real, Big, Roy’s Tune, Boys In The Better Land (re-release)


Stream their debut album Drogel, released on April 12, 2019 on Partisan Records.

   Vídeos en directo

Full performance (Live on KEXP)

Live session recorded the 28th of May 2019. Setlist:

  1. Intro
  2. The Lotts
  3. Roy’s Tune
  4. Sha Sha Sha
  5. Interview
  6. Dublin City Sky
  7. Too Real

Live at The Current Day Party


  1. Chequeless Reckless
  2. Hurricane Laughter
  3. Big
  4. The Lotts
  5. Too Real
  6. Liberty Belle
  7. Boys In The Better Land

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