Epilogio – Fusion

Puerto Rican synth funk band Epilogio published, a couple of months ago, the video for Modo, a stylized and minimalist track that gives name to what was their third album, out in 2018. Now they are back with Fusion, a very catchy work that they advanced to Jungle Spain and that we have loved. Fusion has been recorded and edited via San Juan Sound, a non-profit music organization that offers support to Puerto Rican musicians. The video is from Cinestesia, a group of talented creators.

… Between you and me … A fusion … It will maximize … Our potential … ♪ ♫

Epilogio was founded in 2014 by great instrumentalists with a retro-futurist and exquisite taste. Genuine, elegant and always with glasses, this is the quartet formed by Armando López (Voice, Guitar), Marco Alberto (Guitar, Keyboard, Voices), Fernando Rivera (Bass, Voices) and Gustavo Sanchez (Drums).

Epilogio Band

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