The Zolas – Get Dark

Four piece indie pop band from Vancouver, Canada, The Zolas, released the video for their last single “Get Dark”. This song is taken from their third studio album “Swooner”, released on March 4th 2016 via Light Organ Records.

The Zolas are Zach Gray, Tom Dobrzanski, Cody Hiles, and Dwight Abell. The band is on tour (Tour Dates). Video directed by Kevan Funk.

The Zolas, band. Vancouver


Down on King street Kelly’s getting dark at the pharmacy.
Who knows when he comes home tonight.
Hot breath, Toronto
let’s get lost again underneath the glow.
High heels hopscotch the streetcar lines.

Hear the delay decaying
text threads fraying
home feels so far away
and it makes me

Down for getting dark ’cause the dark gets me
and all the other lovers make it so heavy.
Takes a little emptiness to feel complete
when crowds come ever-thicker and liquor it comes free.

Drums loop in my head.
Feel most alive when my phone is dead.
All my true friends are within reach.
Cold breath, Toronto
we go bar to bar through underground tunnels.
Meet up at breakfast for the autopsy.

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