The Pretty Reckless – Take Me Down

“Take Me Down” is the first single of the new upcoming album from The Pretty Reckless, “Who You Selling For”. The video by Meiert Avis (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, U2, Avril Lavigne), was shot at Water Music Studios, New Jersey, where the album was recorded.

“Who You Selling For” will be their third studio album, due October 21, 2016 via Razor & Tie. The band has released its first single “Take Me Down” on July 21st, 2016, and a second single, “Oh My God”, on September 9th, 2016.

The current members of the band from New York formed in 2009 are Taylor Momsen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums).

They debuted in 2010 with a worldwide tour supporting for Marilyn Manson, Evanescence and Nickelback.

The Pretty Reckless - Who You Selling For - album cover


Been waitin at these crossroads
Forever and a day
On a guy to buy my soul

I spend all night and day
How much harder can I play
You know I gave my life to Rock n’ Roll

Here we go

Momma begged me please
Yes she got down on her knees
Said ‘You’ll burn in that Mississippi sun’
But I’m the only one that’s standing here
So Mama don’t you have no fear
I’m either last or I’ve already won..

Here I go

Take me down
(won’t you)

Standing at the crossroads
A dried up pen in hand
The conversation went like this
‘Tell me your desire…why you pulled me from the fire
and we’ll seal the deal with a kiss’
said ‘I wanna raise the dead
Find a note that I can shred
On my walls I scrawl my gods
Don’t care what happens when I die
As long as I’m alive
All I wanna do is Rock’

Take me down
(won’t you)

Sign with the devil

Take me down
(won’t you)

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One comment

  • At first I was a little underwhelmed with this track, finding it a bit lackluster compared to something like ‘Heaven Knows’. It’s been growing on me lately, though.

    I really like the vocals and this was the first time I’ve gotten a look at the lyrics – cool Crossroads theme. I’m definitely curious to hear the whole album.