Viva Belgrado – Ulises (Album)

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Viva Belgrado – Ulises

This is not that kind of album that we use to post. You’ll need to listen to its full to understand why we bring it to you. In music we can not stick to a unique taste. Ears must be open to anything that brings something original. And this is what the Cordovan band Viva Belgrado does.

With great skills and a powerful sound, Viva Belgrado jumps from one genre to another with a heartbreaking voice, loosing their skin at each track of “Ulises“. The album contains wonders such as “Por la mañana, temprano”, “Annapurnas”, “Transatlántica”, or “Apaga la llum” growing on you on every minute.

Ulises” is a concept album based on the work of the Irish writer James Joyce, for which the band has compound 11 indivisible songs. Reinterpreting the interior monologue of Ulysses, viva Belgrado brings great rap style lyrics, performed with screamo voice, and accompanied by post-rock melodies on guitars. An original and brilliant work.

Ulises“, the second album by Viva Belgrado, has been recorded by Santi Garcia in Cal Pau and Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios, released on August 29th through the Barcelona label Aloud Music Ltd. Listen to the album here:


  1. Calathea
  2. Pleiades/Pasaportes
  3. Por la mañana, temprano
  4. Aeropuertos
  5. Erida
  6. Annapurnas
  7. Transatlántica
  8. Fresas Salvajes
  9. Apaga la llum
  10. Cassiopeia/Contraluces
  11. Ravenala

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  • Danny Michael

    Great album, so relaxing. I remember hearing this and I became a fan instantly.