Twin Peaks at Joy Eslava, concert review

Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava Twin Peaks at Joy Eslava. | Photo: Mar de Miguel.

Fast performance for Twin Peaks at Joy Eslava in Madrid (Spain), last Tuesday. The band from Chicago visited us, opening for Hinds (read concert review), in an intense and funny gig where we were able to see a band that we have been following since they released their first work, back in 2013. I’m a big fan of them since then, and I was really thankful to be invited to attend the concert. Half of our team was there, and we all had a great time.

Twin Peaks played up to 15 tracks, so it was not as short as it uses to be when you are opening for another band. Their music genre is about very short tracks, and the set list is normally longer than it seams in terms of time. By the other hand, perhaps Hinds popularity has grown in the last months, but Twin Peaks could have been the headliner as well. In any case, this really doesn’t matter. They are both great bands and Hinds were celebrating at home their second anniversary. A great night for them then.

Nevertheless, and even being a fan of Twin Peaks, what means that it is hard to be impartial, I was really surprised of their live attitude and their sound. Or the band has matured in a way that their records have not registered yet, or the band is evolving to something else, because they are still musically growing, and I was not expecting this.

Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava Photo: Mar de Miguel.

Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava Photo: Luis Miguel del Campo.

In their music, you can find many influences. You can feel Broncho, Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, Rolling StonesPixies, and a long range of the culture that this band represents. Between pop punk, garage rock, or garage punk, the band plays a mix of styles that sometimes turns into a certain mix of American Rock n Roll. And this is what it surprised me, and what I was not expecting. They are less noisy than I thought, very strong, and a lot more varied and harmonic that we all think just by listening to their studio recordings.

In terms of band members, every Twin Peaks piece is a solid link for the group. Everyone works so hard and they all contribute so much that it is difficult to focus in one of them. You have the sensation to be attending a multiperformance for which you need four eyes and eight ears. I wonder if they all compose their music as well, because the band is absolutely hyperactive. They are funny, very nice guys, good musicians, and they play with a brilliant attitude. In other words, I loved the concert. Yes!

Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava
Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava
Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava Photos: Luis Miguel del Campo.
Twin Peaks en Joy Eslava Twin Peaks at Joy Eslava. | Photo: Mar de Miguel.

  • Set List
  1. Stand in the Sand
  2. I Found a New Way
  3. Boomers
  4. Holding Roses
  5. Telephone
  6. Getting Better
  7. Walk To The One You Love
  8. My Boys
  9. Natural Villain
  10. Butterfly
  11. Keep It Together
  12. Flavor
  13. Wanted You
  14. Making Breakfast
  15. Smoothie