EP Premiere: Maybelleen – In My World


Maybelleen release their second EP, “In My World” through their own production company, MAYBEL Productions, and Irish cassette label, Little L Records.

Maybelleen are Peter and Charles Camiré, a brother duo, from Montreal, Canada. Previously known as Noyro, the band surprised the media with their psychedelic dream pop first release, “Stereotypes“, a six track EP released in January 27, 2015. And exactly one year later, the band is back with “In My World“, four retro pop tracks with dissonances, and a particular Maybelleen own sound.

The EP opens with the already unveiled “When I’m Right“, followed by “In My World“, “Human Day” and the little gem “With The Sound“. A work that put this Canadian band under the radar.

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  1. When I’m Right: The Opening song is a grungy-pop track with a growing chorus in the line of “Love Is In The Air”. Very catchy, the song includes a couple of tone modulations playing with a minor tone for a 90’s grunge style, and a late 70’s disco pop for the major scale. The result is a dry and smart harmonic sound, strange, but beautiful.
  2. In My World: Slow riffs introduce “In My World”, a kind naïf song with The Charlatans influences that explores the British sound side of the band and retakes the psychedelic undulation of the first EP.
  3. Human DayPlaying again with naughty vocals for verses and chorus, the song is nevertheless less lineal than it seams, introducing more than one bridge. The retro pop keyboard is a plus inside a brilliant composition. 
  4. With The Sound: An ending surprise to close the EP, and one of my favourite songs. Some bands like to put at the end something precious and leave you with that “I want More” flavour in your mouth. If that was their intention then, they got it. We want more of those electro beats
    and reverb vocals. Time for more. Time for a full album!

Maybelleen band Canada

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