Francisca Valenzuela (The Jungle Session. In Studio b)

Chilean singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela performs “Cathedral“, an unreleased English version of the song “Catedral”, and “Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo“. Both songs are taken from the album “Tajo Abierto” (Frantastic Records, 2014).

The live session was recorded in Studio b Madrid, on July 22nd, 2015 for the first edition of The Jungle Project sessions. These session focus on the audio quality that is given by recording in studio, by an uncut record that respects the freshness of the voice and the acoustic instruments.


  1. Cathedral (The Jungle Session. In Studio b)
  2. Prenderemos Fuego Al Cielo (The Jungle Session. In Studio b)

Francisca Valenzuela - The Jungle Session

· Performed by Francisca Valenzuela (vocals, piano).
· Recorded and mixed by Bernardo Calvo in Studio b, Madrid.
· Photography by Mar de Miguel, Jungle Indie Rock.

The Jungle Session, es un proyecto de la ONG musical The Jungle Project