Artists to Watch in 2015 Playlist

Artists to Watch in 2015 Playlist – Tracklist

  1. Leon Bridges – Better Man
  2. Sunflower Bean – Tame Impala
  3. HOLY ESQUE – St.
  4. Thula Borah – Executioner’s Song
  5. VEYU – Running
  6. HINDS – Bamboo
  7. MOURN – Otitis
  8. SOAK – B a noBody
  9. The Dark Colours Since 1685 – Midnight Train

Have a look to other artists recommended for 2015: This is a provisional list of the latest round of invited artists scheduled to perform at SXSW Music 2015 and that we recommend. All the links go to our own posts at Jungle Indie Rock. I have marked in bold some names that I consider a must see of new talents, with special mention to Leon Bridges, our artist #1 to watch in 2015: