Album Premiere: Kenedy – Guts


“Guts” is the new album by indie rock/pop band Kenedy. This si the first full lenth and their debut with the indie label Sello Salvaje. It consist in 10 songs, being “Wembley” the first single and the opening track. With a clear late 80’s sound, very acoustic, as it is usual on this band, you will find in “Two” a delightful travel to the most romantic side of the band. Also remarkable are the songs “First Case Scenario” or “Oceans”.

The album will be available tomorrow May 6th, 2014 on stores (iTunesBandcamp, Spotify), CD and digital download, via Sello Salvaje.


  1. Wembley
  2. Maida
  3. Two
  4. Fallen Stars
  5. John Locke
  6. First Case Scenario
  7. The Music Of Nashe
  8. All things
  9. Devil by my side
  10. Oceans


Kenedy formed in Seville, Spain, in 2010 and debuted in 2011 with the EP “Spyro”, which was followed by their sophomore EP “Global Music 360” in 2013.

Links: Bandcamp  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube