Single & Video Premiere: Muñeco – Triscaidecafobia

First single by Barcelona band Muñeco, taken from their forthcoming album “Ocurre“, to be released later this year via El Genio Equivocado. 

Triscaidecafobia is like a double track combining a cup of psychedelic and another cup of rave, a song where the imagination of the band describes a creepy and mysterious party where a master of ceremonies open the ritual with the magic word “Triscaidecafobia“. 

Muñeco seams to evolve into a different perspective for their debuting album, opening the progressive kraut rock of their previous EP to dancing and psychedelic sounds, following an improvised line and adding different layers of ideas while the music develops. 

Ocurre” is going to be one of those delicious albums for advanced ears.

Video edited by Muñeco as a tribute for the “Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women” by Peter Bogdanovich, 1968 (public domain).


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