One Thing About Music Blogs That You Should Know

One Thing About Music Blogs

One Thing About Music Blogs

Some people say that bloggers like to go to gigs and festivals for free. ¿My answer? I do a hard work and I am not paid for it. So, at least I want to be able to get inside the venue without paying. Let’s talk about numbers. Last gig I attended, band “x” in Madrid:

  • Writing their interview: 1 hour
  • Translation into Spanish: 2 hours
  • Writing their article: 1 hour
  • Going to the venue, attend the gig and return: 3.5 hours
  • Editing the images: 1 hour

Writing the article of the gig and translation: 2 hours. I paid: 7 Euros for gas and 15,45 Euros for parking. Total: 22,45 Euros ($28,75) paid to work for this band during 10, 5 hours. If I had not my ticket for free, I would have paid: 10 Euros. Total: 10 + 7 + 15,45 = 32,45 Euros ($41,55) to work 10,5 hours for them. Next event attending is a music festival. The ticket cost 50 Euros ($64). Then add gas, parking and more than 3 days of not paid work.

Never criticize without knowing what you are talking about. We support artists and we do it for our passion for music….and for free 🙂