Evripidis and his Tragedies – Teeth

From the album “A healthy dose of pain” released September 19, 2011 via Snap! Clap!. Video directed by Jordi Estrada.

Piano-based, highly melodic and richly textured, Evripidis and his Tragedies´ music is a world where love, lust and loss intertwine, heartbreak is comparable to a devastating tsunami, summers are long and lazy, memories are bittersweet, humor is black and ghosts take the living for car rides.


I dreamt I lost my teeth one by one,
they fell from my mouth on the floor of a club.
My father helped me pick them up
but they were sliding from our hands.
I knew it was a bad sign
and I woke up shivering.

I dreamt I lost my teeth one by one.
Two weeks later I lost my only love.
They say you have to go through trouble
to move on to new ground,
the past has to be torn apart
in order to emerge the future.

And I had to move on
and all I was left with
was some blood-stained teeth
to hide under my pillow.

I lost my baby teeth one by one
now my mouth is like my heart, a swolen hole
but ´till I grow sharper ones
I´ll take it slow and easy,
avoiding trouble and making love just to soft boys
till the day I grow my new teeth one by one.
They will be sharp and shiny, big and strong.
With them I will pay back anyone who gives me hell,
they´ll get a nice bite to remember for the rest of their lives.

Did it hurt you?
Was there blood?
I just wanted to keep a chunk of you
inside me forever.

Some loves are baby teeth, childish affairs.
They have to go away for new ones to take their place.
Some loves are wisdom teeth, painful, unecesary trouble.
Some loves are normal teeth, once lost they´ll never grow back.
Our tooth will never grow back.

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