Marina Diamandis is Marina, we are The Diamonds

Marina and The Diamonds

Marina and the diamonds

Marina Lambrini Diamandis is Marina, we are The Diamonds. This is how she explains her stage name, including her fans, The Diamonds. Derived from her last name, it is a stage name that doesn’t refer to a band, but the name of this solo singer-songwriter.

Greek father and Welsh mother, Marina was born 1985 in Abergavenny, Wales and raised in Pandy, with her parents and two sisters. When her parents separated, she moved to Greece, but soon returned to Wales, later to settle in London, where she currently resides.

We can say that Marina’s music is influenced by PJ Harvey and Daniel Johnston. It could be defined as a pop style, or indie pop, often compared to that of Kate Bush or Florence & The Machine. The music is somewhat cryptic, relatively complex, sometimes tempered by catchy arrangements on the keyboard and accompanied by bass, guitar and drums.

She writes her own songs and is able to interpret them while stammering the keyboard, where she has some complications to place her hands. Probably, the lack of a formal music education is behind them, but she defends herself with such confidence and feeling that makes it almost imperceptible.

During her performances, Marina never put the accent on the same part of the song. Each time she sings, she does it differently. She pushes the voice with feeling, adding a wide range of recordings and sharp inflexions, making every track to sound like something new. Even after listening to a second, fourth or fifteenth interpretation of the same thing.

Her debut single came in November 2007 with Mermaid Vs Sailor, an EP that preceded some demos that she composed herself with the Apple’s GarageBand application. This EP was recorded by her own and sold through her site in MySpace, selling a total of 70 copies. The singer-songwriter defines herself as a Do It Yourself musician, following the pure and simple philosophy of indie music: to perform, to record, to produce and to edit your own work.

Later, in January 2008, Diamandis was discovered by musician Derek Davies from Neon Gold Records, who signed with her to open for the Australian singer-songwriter Gotye. Finally, Warner Music Group entered into a contract with her via the record label 679 Recordings.

Two tracks were part of her first single: Obsessions and Mowgli’s Road which were followed by a second EP, The Crown Jewels, in June 2009 and its second single I Am Not a Robot, most famous Marina’s theme to date. 

The Family Jewels, her debut album, was released on February 22, 2010. It was produced by Liam Howe, Richard Stannard (co-founder of Biffico, responsible for the success of Spice Girls), Pascal Gabriel (ex-member of the punk band The Razors) and Greg Kurstin (a member of The Bird and The Bee).  

This first album is an excellent record that has received very good reviews. It has 14 tracks, including the now-legendary I Am Not A Robot, the surprising Mowgli’s Road, the deepest Obsessions and the funny Hollywood.

I like Marina and the Diamonds and her style, sometimes a bit forced, with a neo-80 look, exaggerated shoulder pads and impossible combinations. But this is how she is, absolutely unique.


Studio Album:

  • The Family Jewels (2010)


  • Mermaid Vs. Sailor (2007)
  • iTunes Live: London Festival ’09 EP (2009)
  • The Crown Jewels (2009)
  • The American Jewels (2010)

Singles & B-sides:

  • Obsessions (2008)
  • Mowgli’s Road (2008)
  • I Am Not a Robot (2009)
  • Mowgli’s Road (re-release, 2009)
  • Space In The Woods (B-side, 2010)
  • Hollywood (2010)
  • Bad Kidz (B-side, 2010)
  • I Am Not a Robot (re-release)
  • Shampain (2010)

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