Jungle Bands 2010

Jungle Bands 2010. The bands and solo artists selected to form part of our  sponsorship programme of 2010 are: Deep Sea Arcade (Australia), Christine Owman (Sweden), San Leon (Spain), Stereotypo (Spain), Goodnight Lights (USA), Big City (Spain), CL Sosa (USA), Sexy Neighbors (USA), LU-K (Spain), ROSEBUD (France), and 3 Mellizas (Spain). Congratulations to everyone. Listen to them here:

The Jungle Bands Project is a non-profit project running since 2010 for the support of new and emerging bands and artists.  Unsigned bands or artists from any country, singing in any language. At least 1 EP published although it doesn’t need to be an official release. The music genre can be very different: Indie rock, punk, garage, shoegaze, folk, singer-songwriter… Have a look to our programme and become a “Jungle Band”.