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Jungle Indie Rock is an independent music portal specialized in new, emerging, and under-the-radar bands, founded in 2010 to promote new artists in a friendly context. We are a group of journalists and music lovers based in Spain and collaborators that contributed, over the years, from the UKUSA, or Australia. In May 2015, we founded the music charity, The Jungle Project.

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On our main website, you will find articles, premieres, concerts, albums, playlists, or videos that you can sort by labels according to your favorite music genre, country, or even the year or decade that you prefer. We also have an international blog and a blog of Spanish music, both updated on Tumblr with short posts daily.

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IMPORTANT: If you need us to remove something from our website, please get in touch with Mar on Twitter (X). That is the fastest way to talk to us. Our email is full of spam.

   Jungle Staff

MAR(Spain): Co-founder, editor-in-chief, project manager, webmaster.

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About: Biologist, journalist, and music lover. Mar started in music at age 12, learning piano and music theory. In 2010, she co-founded a music site with a couple of friends. That music site is now Jungle Indie Rock, and the music charity The Jungle Project. Mar works at BioWorld (Clarivate) and contributes to the journal El Mundo.

Links:  Twitter 


JOHN (England): Co-founder, CEO, Tumblr, The Time Machine, Playlists.

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About: Rebjukebox (John) is a punk and extreme bands lover. Collaborating and advising many music sites for years, Rebjulebox has been a pioneer of music blogs on Tumblr. He is the co-founder of Jungle Indie Rock and the man behind our site’s culture. Ask him about any band. He could edit Wikipedia.

Links: Rebjukebox  |  Twitter


DAO (Spain): Co-founder, Jungle Bands, Jungle Spain, Playlists.

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About: David “Dao” is one of the greatest independent music experts in Spain. More than a co-founder of Jungle, Dao is the reason for its existence. From Alicante, he directs Mi Rollo, an inexhaustible source of bands with which Dao lives music as if there was no tomorrow. He smells them before they even form 🙂

Links: Mi Rollo  |  Instagram


DAVID (Spain): Collaborator, Jungle Bands, Jungle Spain, Playlists.

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About: A live music lover. We met David at all the interesting gigs in Madrid. Always supporting live music and small venues, David is covering new and under-the-radar bands for Jungle Spain, listening to new works, attending rare gigs, and writing about his discoveries.

Links: Twitter



Jungle Team 2024


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Over the years we have collaborated with:

  • University of Alcalá: Collaboration agreement for educational programs.
  • Studio B: Collaboration with the recording studio, Studio B in Madrid, Spain.
  • Tumblr:  Our blog, featured in the music section of Tumblr, formed part of the editor’s panel that selected the best music on Tumblr every year. Jungle Indie Rock was one of the official Music Tag Editors for Tumblr, a list of music editors that included important magazines like Pitchfork, NME, Billboard, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Filter, etc.
  • Factoría Cultural. Matadero, Madrid: Residency scholarship, Oct 2015-Jan 2016.
  • Verkami: Crowdfunding consulting scholarship, Oct 2015-Jan 2016.
  • Fresh On the Net: Mar was part of Fresh On The Net, Tom Robinson’s blog (BBC 6 Music). June 2012 – December 2013.
  • Nos Gusta La Música: Mar collaborated at the Spanish webzine Nos Gusta La Música. January 2012 – December 2013.
  • Others: Jungle Indie Rock & The Jungle Project has received technical and legal advice from the Spanish Foundation Gestión y Participación Social of Madrid, the entrepreneurs program Espacio de Iniciativas Empresariales of the city of Alcala de Henares, and the Legal Department of CIDAJ, City Council of Alcala de Henares, Madrid (Spain). We are a legally registered charity and music website.

Former members:

   Open positions

In Jungle Indie Rock there is always something to do and we need a hand, or two. If you want to be part of our team, become a Jungle Indie rock associate, or make a short collaboration, write us and request more information.

  • Community manager:  We urgently need a community manager with a medium/high level of Spanish for social media management.
  • Photographers:  For press photography of artists.
  • Filmmakers:  For music videos.
  • Legal:  Copyright expert for specific collaborations on the registration and monitoring of music in the digital music market.
  • Jungle International Collaborators: For articles, chronicles, reviews or short publications of international bands. (Volunteering)
  • Jungle Spain collaborators: For articles, chronicles, reviews, or short publications in Spanish of Spanish bands. (Volunteering)
  • Jungle Latin American Collaborators: For articles, reviews, or short publications in Spanish of Latin American bands. (Volunteering)
  • Internships: Journalism, communication, marketing, and translation students (English/Spanish). We have signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Alcalá (Spain). Students from other universities (Spanish or international) may request that we formalize an agreement with their institution. This position is personalized and adapted to student’s needs.

   Head and logo credits

Monsteck Variketch, The Invasion by João Filipe Cunha: Our head and logotype was created by João Filipe Cunha. The monster family names, from left to right are: Vermistech, Vaitistech, Bilistech, Piriastitech, and Kapastech. 

Following copyright instructions, we are listing all the alterations below:

  • Head: Buildings replaced by a black background.
  • Logotype: Background replaced by black colour. Resolution improved.
  • Individual logotypes: Individual vectors over a black background. Resolution improved.
  • Kapastech: We added a base on the individual vector logotype over a black background, to compensate for its weight to the right.
  • New monster: Mollyteck was added to complete our staff members, based on the original style of the designer.